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You can find all types of Cat Ba island at the website with some best hotels such as Holiday View Hotel, Cat Ba Monkey Island Resort,Nam Phuong Hotel, Cat Ba Princes Hotel and Cat Ba Sunrise Resort.

Thu Ha Hotel

Thu Ha Hotel

Cat Ba Sunrise Resort

Wonderful experience in Lan Ha Bay with La Pinta cruise

Being launched from April 2018, La Pinta cruise is a pioneering five-star luxury boat, serving tourists in Halong bay and Lan Ha bay. La...

Health Tips When Traveling To Cat Ba

Situated near Halong Bay, Cat Ba island is popular tourist spot. Tourists can enjoy lot of interesting tourist activities such as Kayaking, swimming.
Cat Ba night

Walking Around Cat Ba At Night

Cat Ba island is an appealing getaway where tourists can explore caves, play on idyllic beaches and trek through Cat Ba National Park.
Cat Ba biosphere reserve

Activities in Monkey Island

Come to Monkey Island Resort, you will have time for free activities like swimming, kayaking or trekking up mountain to see the panorama of Lan Ha bay with hundreds of islands

Boat trips around the Bay

As in Halong City, it's easy enough to book a boat trip out of Cat Ba Island to explore the Bay, either with a travel agent or direct at Beo harbour, 2 km from the centre of town.